Corporate Mental Wealth

Corporate Mental Wealth

Good mental health is great for your company’s wealth. Mental health education is key to ameliorating mental suffering and maximizing human potential.

Dr. Lois Prislovsky is an educational psychologist who comes to your company to guide employees in managing the whole range of emotions to increase happiness, productivity, focus, creativity, communication, and social/emotional intelligence.

We design Corporate Mental Wealth days specifically for your needs. Most companies choose to start the day with a fun, hour long interactive presentation about what works psychologically and how followed by a Q & A. Then, using practical, quickly implemented empirically sound techniques (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and *Neurofeedback*), Dr. Prislovsky works with executives, individuals, or small groups to better understand feelings and practice focused attention and intention to make positive changes.

The research is clear. Improving mental health is cost effective, enjoyable, and the right thing to do. When your top executives and employees improve their inner lives, their external lives align quickly with their whole being and career contributions soar unencumbered. We can help your team learn:

*ADHD strategies
*Conflict resolution techniques
*Generous listening
*Emotional self-regulation
*Mental distractions removal
*Boundary setting
*Anxiety management
*Interpersonal mediation
*Time management
*Social skills
*Stress reduction
*Parenting wisdom
*Negotiation and persuasion strategies
*Autism Spectrum Disorder tips

A brief video explaining our Corporate Mental Wealth services:

Call or email to schedule your Corporate Mental Wealth Day(s) with Dr. Prislovsky. The base price is $5000 per day plus expenses. (865)-579-2727 or

Mission: Dr. Prislovsky is committed to being truthful, fun, and helpful. She is an expert in helping clients KNOW and GROW their greatness.

*Neurofeedback* treatments (at your company’s location) for anxiety, depression, and attention issues are available at additional costs as it comes with more psychologists and equipment. Please call our office for details.