ACT and SAT test preparation

Psychoeducational Network offers ACT/SAT prep. courses online or in person. With our six week course, your student will first complete a diagnostic test, followed by five one-on-one tutoring session during which your student will receive the focused attention of an experienced tutor, focusing on the areas pointed out by the diagnostic test as needing work. After each of the five sessions, the tutor will assign one or more practice sections, by completing these sections in between meetings, it allows the time spent in the office or on skype to be used efficiently. Furthermore, the completion of those practice sections will improve the student’s familiarity with wording and pacing of an actual test (remember: Although the SAT and ACT can be very daunting to students, it is often the wording and pacing of the tests, more so than the content itself, that proves most difficult for students). For the all-inclusive price of $1100.00, you receive: the diagnostic test and results; the books and practice tests within that will be utilized during instruction; and five one-on-one practice sessions in person or online.

We also offer group test prep classes. Please contact your guidance counselor for details concerning your school’s participation.

How do I sign up?

Complete the Session Request Form – Click HERE.

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